Concealed By Fear

Monroe Full Print Mockup

When the royal princess falls in love, the one she falls for receives super strength to protect the royal bloodline.

Everyone who had sons waited for the queen to give birth. Once she did, a group of men came for the baby, wanting to raise her as their own. During the intrusion, the king and queen were murdered, and the child was never found.

Lilly hid for twenty years, not wanting to suffer the same fate as her parents. Feeling trapped and restless, she climbed a ladder to see past her boundaries. Lilly saw a man for the first time. Fascinated, she watched him.

Dean always lived by the rules. As long as he obeyed the evil king’s orders, he lived. Yet when Dean looked through the castle grounds and noticed a beautiful woman, rules no longer applied.

Word count: 48,000

Page count: 218

Publish date: 9/15

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